10 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Achieve Success

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Have you ever thought why some people are very successful in everything they do, while others fail? In fact only a small percentage of all people controls most money on the planet. Why is it so? The reason is simple – in order to succeed in everything you need to have a combination of traits necessary for creating a successful personality.

Today let’s find out what are the reasons why some people don’t achieve success.

Reasons why some people fail

1. Low self-esteem
Lack of confidence is often the reason for your failures. If you don’t believe in your strengths, in what you do, if you’re pessimistic all the time then it will be very hard to achieve any kind of success.

2. Laziness
In order to achieve something you need to act. Planning and dreaming of your success is important, however you can’t live with your plans all the time. It’s high time to start implementing them. Act now if you want to be successful!

3. Impatience
Sometimes to achieve your goals you need to be very patient as most often there is no overnight success. People may work hard for many years to see the results but not all can wait till that moment because of the lack of patience.

4. Having no goals
Inability to set right goals or even having no goals at all can also be the reason of people’s failure. You should know what you want from your life in other case how can you reach the point if you don’t know the direction.

5. Fears
Different kinds of fears are often an obstacle on the way to success. There may be fear of changes or fear of failure, but no matter what it is, you need to overcome it to become successful. (learn more about fear of failure and fear of changes)

6. Shifting responsibility on others
You should learn to be responsible for your thoughts and actions, for your life in general. The ability to make important decisions and be responsible is one of the main keys to your success.

7. Lack of knowledge
In order to be successful people need to have certain knowledge. How can you become a professional if don’t know perfectly the things you do?

8. Wasting time
Very often people waste their time during a day. Inability to focus on your work often results in a failure. To change it you should learn to manage your time effectively and it will help you to become more productive. (learn time management tips here)

9. Lack of desire
It’s simple – you can’t be successful if you don’t want anything, if you’re are satisfied with the present quality of your life. Lack of desire is the undeniable reason of a failure.

10. Thinking that a failure is the end
Lots of people just don’t realize that they should learn on their own mistakes, that a failure is not the end. In fact, it’s vice versa, each your mistake is a very precious experience that can help you a lot in future.


Success is possible for everyone who wants to achieve it. Many people want success, but there is a huge difference between desires and actions.

Another important thing is that your point of view and way of defining success, opportunities, and work play a big role in determining your final result.

If you haven’t succeeded yet, then the first person to look at should be yourself and not the others. Good luck!

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