10 Signs that a Guy Loves You

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Very often a girl is dating a guy and then suddenly falls in love with him. She hesitates whether to express her feelings or not, because she is not sure that he loves her too.

Is this situation familiar to you? Then here you’ve got 10 signs that will show you whether your boyfriend loves you.

10 signs that a guy loves you

1. He listens to you attentively without interrupting. After a while, he certainly doesn’t quote you but remembers everything you said. After all, you’re really interesting for him.

2. He calls you even if he hasn’t promised to do it. Not because he is bored, and not to control you. He just loves and misses you.

3. You caught a cold? Your loved one¬†buys and does everything you need. If his patience lasts more than a day, then he really cares about you! And if it will last for the whole week – this is a true love…

4. He doesn’t insist on sex, if you don’t want it of course.

5. Your family and friends like him and are happy to communicate with him. His friends and parents also easily accepted you into their circle. This is a good sign, because usually men are not keen to get their parents acquainted with a random girl.

6. He pays for you in a cafe, in the movies, in transport – wherever you spend time together. He does not want to buy you, he is just ready to be responsible for both of you.

7. He likes to look at you. He did not seek out flaws, he does not ask you to throw out your skirt or change your hair style. He very sincerely admires you!

8. When you’re upset, he’s ready to raise your mood whenever you need it and he can try for hours – instead of being angry and offering you to see a psychiatrist. Men generally don’t tolerate female hysterics, but he really likes you.

9. He never compares you with his ex-girlfriend. You’re unique for him and he likes it.

10. When you say you can’t promise anything to him, he doesn’t resent. He is willing to wait as long as necessary because he loves you.

You say that men can not love so much? They can. But love – it’s a talent that, alas, is not given to everyone. So if your couple fits at least several of these signs there are chances that you will live many happy years together, however everything is up to both of you.

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