100 Ways to Please and Get Your Wife Excited (part 1)

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1. The first thing you need to do after coming back home is to embrace your wife.

2. Ask her about her day. Your questions should prove that you are aware of her plans.

3. Learn to listen to her and ask questions.

4. Suppress the temptation to solve her problems. Instead of it, express your sympathy.

5. Within twenty minutes concentrate all your attention on your wife. Do not read newspapers and don’t do anything that might distract you.

6. Bring some flowers for your wife, both on the occasion and without a reason. Let it be a pleasant surprise for her.

7. Do not wait until Friday to ask your wife how she would like to spend the weekend, plan it ahead.

8. If your wife has to prepare dinner, and she is tired or too busy, try to help her.

9. Give compliments.

10. Respect her feelings when she is angry or upset.

11. Offer your help when your wife feels tired.

12. When traveling, plan extra time so that she wouldn’t have to hurry.

13. If you are late, call and tell her.

14. If your wife asks for help, help her or refuse, if you can’t do it, but do not blame her for asking.

15. If your wife is upset, express your sympathy. And don’t talk too much. Give her a chance to notice your attention. Do not offer your advice, do not try to prove that her feelings is not your fault.

16. If you want to be alone, tell your wife that you need time to think about some issues.

17. Explain the reason for your concern. Speak clearly.

18. When it’s cold offer to warm her.

19. When your wife talks to you, put aside a magazine or turn off the TV, listen to her without being distracted.

20. If the dishes are usually washed by your wife, offer your help from time to time, especially if she’s tired.

21. Notice when she is upset or tired. Ask what she needs to do. Then do some of the household chores.

22. Leaving home, ask whether it’s necessary to go to the store. Don’t forget about what you were asked to do.

23. Tell your wife, if you’re going somewhere.

24. Hug your wife at least four times a day.

25. Call your wife from work to share your news or just to say: “I love you!

26. Tell your wife that you love her.

27. Make a bed and clean the bedroom, at least sometimes.

28. If your wife washes your socks, don’t make her look for them all over the house.

29. Get rid of the garbage.

30. If you must leave, call upon your arrival and leave a phone number. At the same time you will be able to tell your wife that you arrived safely.

31. Wash your wife’s car.

32. Before going together somewhere wash your car.

33. Before having sex, take a shower.

34. If someone makes your a wife angry, support her.

35. Offer her a body massage.

36. Don’t forget to be gentle with her.

37. Be patient when she is sharing her experiences with you.

38. If you are watching TV together, don’t change channels constantly.

39. Demonstrate attention to your wife in public.

40. Hold your wife’s hand when walking.

41. Learn what drinks she likes and occasionally offer them to her.

42. Choose a specific restaurant to go there together, do not make her choose.

43. Buy tickets to the theater, concert hall, opera, ballet or other places that she likes to visit.

44. Find the occasion on which you could dress smartly.

45. Treat your wife with understanding, for example if she is late or decides to change her clothes.

46. Being with your wife in public, pay more attention to her than to others.

47. Prefer your wife to your children. Let children see that your attention is primarily given to their mother.

48. Give you wife little gifts: candies or perfumes.

49. Buy some clothes for your wife. (For this purpose you should know her tastes and sizes.)

50. Make photos of your wife.

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