100 Ways to Please and Get Your Wife Excited (part 2)

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This is the continuation of the post: How to Please and Get Your Wife Excited.

51. Take a short romantic walk.

52. Let your wife know that you’ve got her photo in your wallet.

53. If you are staying with your wife in a hotel room, order something special: a bottle of champagne or flowers.

54. On special occasions such as anniversary or birthday, write a letter or a postcard for your wife.

55. If you’re going on a long trip, offer to drive a car.

56. Drive carefully, don’t exceed the speed. Take into account your wife’s wishes.

57. Pay attention to your wife’s appearance and don’t forget to comment on it. For example: “You look great today” or “You look tired”.

58. If you are going somewhere you should know the route don’t make your wife show you the road.

59. Dance with your wife or take together dance lessons.

60. Write a love letter for your wife. It’ll be a pleasant surprise.

61. Try to behave the same way as at the beginning of your relationships.

62. Offer to fix something in the house. But don’t try to do the things you aren’t able to do.

63. Offer your help in the kitchen.

64. Buy a special composition to glue the broken items.

65. Be aware of the things going on in your house. If something is broken don’t make your wife tell you this.

66. Read aloud excerpts from newspapers that might be interesting for your wife.

67. If you were called and asked to pass some information to your wife, put down everything carefully.

68. Do something with old things.

69. Keep the bathroom floor clean and wipe it after taking a shower.

70. Open the door for your wife.

71. Help her to carry your purchases.

72. Don’t let her carry heavy boxes.

73. During the trip take care of your luggage.

74. If the wife washes the dishes, offer to clean the pan or to do other tedious work.

75. Put down what you need to fix (repair) in the house, and hang the list in the kitchen. Refer to this list when you have time.

76. When your wife cooks appreciate her culinary skills.

77. When your wife talks to you, look at her.

78. When talking with your wife, touch her hand.

79. Ask your wife about the day, ask about her friends, the books she reads, etc.

80. Listening to your wife, confirm your interest, saying: “yeah”, “oh”, “m-m-m”. :)

81. Ask about the mood of your wife.

82. If she had been ill for some time, ask how she feels.

83. If your wife is tired offer her a cup of tea.

84. Try to go to bed together with her.

85. Before going somewhere kiss your wife.

86. Laugh when she jokes.

87. Thank her when she does something for you.

88. If your wife made a hairdo, give her a compliment.

89. Take time to stay with your wife alone.

90. Do not respond to phone calls during the intimate moments or if she is sharing her experiences with you.

91. Make short bicycle trips.

92. Organize a picnic and prepare everything for this.

93. If she does the laundry offer your help.

94. Go together with your wife for a walk (without your children).

95. When discussing this or that question, try to show that you want to take into account her interests but at the same time to get what you need.

96. Show your wife that you missed her, for example when coming home from work.

97. Buy her favorite cakes or candies.

98. If the food are usually bought by your wife, offer your help.

99. When you are celebrating some event, don’t overeat because you won’t feel good after it.

100. Give your wife to read this list, and let her add something.

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