4 Tips that will Help You to Develop Your Patience

Patience is the most valuable trait for achieving your success. Today you’ll find out how to develop it easily.

I used to think that in order to achieve any goal, it is necessary to set it, and then just use the opportunities you have. As I realized later, this mindset was completely wrong. When it came to the difficulties there appeared unwillingness to work towards that goal, I gave up and then started something new.

After a while I looked back and saw a bunch of my unfinished projects. Everything was because of my lack of will, weakness and inactivity.

Why did I refuse to go to my goals and begin something new at a time when it required some more efforts? Either I had wrong goals or I was really lazy and weak-willed person, I thought.

Patient woman waiting on a bench

Then I searched for some info on the web and found the following… Without patience it’s impossible to achieve anything. It is patience that helps to finish your projects. It helps to move forward. And if the goal is too big, patience helps to divide it into several smaller goals and then go on your work.

That was what I needed.

Of course, not all of my goals were really necessary, but realistic goals weren’t reached because of my lack of patience. After realizing it I started to develop this necessary trait within me.

How to develop patience

It took me almost 4 years to develop patience. Yes, it takes time, besides, patience goes hand in hand with your confidence. Being patient and believing in myself helps me to go on doing my job even today.

I must assure you that it’s really worth it. When you develop your patience you will have enough strengths, time and desire to achieve any goal. Now let’s find out how to do it…

1. Don’t pay attention to your negative emotions.
Take a break, count to ten, take a deep breath, think some stopping you phrase and repeat it to yourself when needed. If you’re tempted to say something in response to a negativeness or just yell at your kid, just say it to yourself and calm down.

2. Don’t let yourself leave any work unfinished.
Make a list of unfinished tasks and try to finish one task per day. In future, try to avoid unfinished work, for this purpose set a deadline for each task, this will let you know that you must do it and when it should be done. The less unfinished tasks you have, the faster you will move forward.

If the work is unpleasant, look what it gives to you in order to have motivation for its accomplishment.

3. Be patient to the people who annoy you.
Be patient and try to understand the people that cause your irritation and a burning desire to express all your negative emotions. Staying calm and relaxed in a stressful situation, you will see how your strength increase each day.

4. When setting goals, try not to look for easy ways.
Let the way to your success be long, but it will help you to develop patience and strengthen your burning desire to get things done. Break down big goals into small ones, and most importantly check whether your goals are really important.


Now in conclusion to everything written above, let’s make a formula of your success. Your burning desire plus hard work in addition to great patience will help you to achieve any goal in your life. Just remember it and don’t doubt in your strengths.

How does patience help you? What are the ways you develop it? And do you agree it’s really necessary?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Roman Soluk

Roman Soluk is the founder and editor of Optimistic Life and Optimistic Life: Healthy Living. He helps his readers to improve their lives, to think and act positively, and live to the fullest. Find out more about him here.

9 thoughts on “4 Tips that will Help You to Develop Your Patience

  1. Actually I think it takes a life time to develop patience. Its an on going day by day thing and there is not so much a reaching of the goal of patience as a ‘living out’ the drama of life in a way that shows us that patience is an absolutely crucial life skill. Without it success is unlikely.

    1. Hi Lyse,

      Yes, it’s extremely difficult to develop your patience and it really takes time. Not everyone succeeds in this.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! It’s much appreciated!

    1. Hi Gabrielle,
      Thanks a lot for commenting! You’re so right, sometimes they can make a person mad and it becomes hard to cope with your emotions.

      1. You are totally right Gabrielle.

        It is the most difficult but the most rewarding if you are willing to work at it; it is the quickest of the four to build your patience.

  2. Great post , really I like it , it is one of the best articles that I’ve read lately . In addition to what you said “Developing patience is not easy, and you’ve got to be motivated to become more patient. We should think about the positive effects of patience, and remember that impatience only makes things worse.”
    Thank you so much for these great tips

  3. Patience has been a huge factor for where I am today and know it has for you too. Patience is the ability to say today didn’t work out, but within a year everything will. I like your list and if I could I would add one more

    5. Be 1% more patient each day.

    While this might be a circular argument, to fully benefit from your list Roman, readers can choose one of the four to work on each day.

    Most of my patience came from leading teams. There is always something that goes wrong and when you are the leader you need to have the ability to stay clam for everyone else’s sake.

    1. Thanks Davis, for your contribution to the post. You’re right, patience can really lead us to success!

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