6 Golden Rules of Optimism

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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill

Optimism is not something you’re born with. It’s a skill that can be learned. Here are some golden rules of true optimism, so if you consider yourself a positive person or you want to become more optimistic then this post is right for you.

The essential rules of optimism

1. Optimists respect themselves for their own essence

Remember your childhood. When you ran, jumped, sang, danced and did not pay attention to the opinions of those people around you. You did not have to prove something, because you were sure that you were unique. But as you grew you were influenced by friends and TV, and you started to compare yourself with others.

And when you realized that many people have what you don’t have, you stopped to appreciate the things you already have. Optimists unlike other people trust their intuition when it comes to daily activities. They do what they want and aren’t waiting for someone’s approval.

2. Optimists effectively use their opportunities

Many people get extremely annoyed with “too optimistic” people. In most cases, these people are perfectionists and don’t confuse them with optimists. Optimists are those who don’t close their eyes for reality. They just believe in the optimal usage of all opportunities. In other words an optimist is just a positive realist.

3. Optimists avoid negative people and create positivity around them

If you spend too much time with negative people, then there is a likelihood that you will miss all moments of joy. Do yourself a favor and avoid those who are full of negativity. Surround yourself with positiveness and positive people who will support you emotionally.

4. Optimists separate happiness from achievements

In order to be optimistic you must be satisfied with your life. You have to look within yourself for this satisfaction. Finally, happiness is a hard work. If you’re looking for happiness outside yourself and connect if with specific achievements such as a car or a house then you risk to be in a constant pursuit of happiness.

5. Body language is very important

Your smile improves your mood. When you feel depressed, your brain tells your face that you’re sad and face muscles face relax, but you can deceive your own body by smiling at the moment when you’re sad. Send positive signals to your brain and you will see how quickly it will improve your mood.

6. Optimists are aware that life consists of ups and downs

The fact that you are an optimist doesn’t mean that you will not have bad days. You will have them and it’s reality. Optimists are aware of this and still believe in better future and go on moving despite all the difficulties in their lives.


Only you can decide how to live your life. You are not able to change the circumstances, but you can improve your own attitude toward them. Just remember that life is more colorful and brighter for positive people.

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