6 Habits That Spoil Your Teeth

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Let’s refer again to the health topic and today I’d like to talk about bad habits that spoil our teeth. If we want to have straight teeth without braces we should really think of giving up these habits.

Simple habits that spoil our teeth.

1. Drinking a lot of fizzy drinks.
Fizzy drinks contain phosphoric acid, which progressively destroys your teeth. If you prefer such beverages, use a straw to reduce the contact with your teeth.

2. Eating a colored food.
Tooth enamel is like a sponge. All food that leaves stains on cups or plates (e.g. coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, soy sauce, red wine, etc.) over time, gives your teeth a yellowish hue.

3. Frequent snacking.
Every time you eat, especially anything containing sugar or starch, the bacteria that live in your mouth form acids that help with splitting a meal. However, the same acids can have a negative impact on teeth, causing cavities. Help yourself: eat raw solid fruits and vegetables (apples and carrots) during and after a meal to prevent cavities. It increases the saliva, which washes away the bacteria that destroy your teeth.

4. Using your teeth as a tool.
You open packs of chips and loosen the knots with your teeth? This behavior can lead to cracks of tooth enamel. It is also risky to chew ice cubes, frozen chocolate bars or candies.

5. Neglecting the problem.
Bleeding gums and persistent bad breath are the signs of periodontitis. To get rid of them, drink more water and use a tongue scraper. Water and saliva helps to control bacteria levels. You can prevent bleeding gums using a toothbrush and a thread daily. If the symptoms do not stop, talk with your dentist.

6. Avoiding your dentist.
Some people are afraid of dentists and this fear can lead to serious problems with teeth. To avoid it visit your dentist every six months, and if you have problems with periodontitis you should visit a dentist every three months.

Remember that your smile can be a good tool for helping people. And healthy teeth are the very important part of it.

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