Being a vegetarian: the pros and cons

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We all know that being a vegetarian means eating only a healthy food, i.e. vegetables, fruits, and refusing first of to eat meat. But not everyone is aware what benefits and harm this system can give us. Here I suggest you to review all the pros and cons of being a vegetarian.

Vegetarians avoid eating meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Some of the vegetarians also do not eat eggs and dairy produce. Now let’s look at…

Different kinds of vegetarianism

1. Veganism – is a strict vegetarianism, which excludes all types of meat, fish, poultry, seafood, dairy produce. And in some cases even honey.

2. Lacto vegetarianism – means eating dairy produce, vegetables and fruits.

3. Ovo-lacto vegetarianism – means eating dairy produce, vegetables and fruits, plus eggs.

It should be also noted that all kinds of vegetarianism permit heat cooked food, and because of this differ from the supporters of vitarianism – eating only a raw vegetarian food.

If you want to become a vegetarian you need to know what products should be included in your diet.

– sprouted grains (the source of vitamin B);
– bean curd (rich in high-quality vegetable protein, is a source of iron and calcium);
– calcium-rich almonds, broccoli, dried figs, soy milk with calcium supplements and vitamin B12;
– oranges, orange juice, tomatoes, peppers, parsley (sources of vitamin C);
– complex vitamins and microelements;

The benefits of being a vegetarian.

1. Becoming a vegetarian in 90-97% of cases prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.
2. Cancer of the colon and rectum, breast and uterine cancer is rare among those who use meat in small quantities or do not eat it all.
3. Vegetarians faster restore their power.
4. Vegetarianism reduces the risk of some chronic diseases, including obesity, coronary artery disease, hypertension and diabetes.

The harm in being a vegetarian

A long-term strict vegetarianism leads to a deficiency of iron, zinc, calcium and some vitamins. That is why doctors often say that veganism can not be considered as a rational nutrition for children, teenagers, pregnant women, athletes.

Hence, you should carefully plan your diet to receive a certain quantity of substances necessary for your body and make it more healthy.

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