Best of Optimistic Life 2012

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2012 is almost over… For some of you it was a great year, for others – not so good. But we do have something to remember. It’s time to make some conclusions before the New Year.

And trying to remember 2012 here at Optimistic Life I’ve decided to provide the best 5 post written by me or guest authors this year.

Best of Optimistic Lifestyle 2012

Strength of optimism

How to Identify the Strength of Optimism

What optimism is all about, optimism as the main ingredient of success, a measure of how strong optimism really is – Kelly, our regular contributor provided these and many other things in this post.


Positive blogs

7 Positive Blogs You Need to Follow

In this post in October I provided the list of 7 blogs related to positive living, positive thinking and optimism. These blogs are all worth to follow.
Seduce your own wife

How to Seduce Your Own Wife

Improving your marriage and relationship is an important part of your life improvement. And sex has always been both a problematic and exciting part of marriage. So, in this post I provide several extremely effective tips on how to seduce your own wife.


Use anger positivelyHow to Use Anger Positively

What is healthy and unhealthy anger? What is the connection between anger and revenge? What is passive aggression, its impact, and how to overcome it? Can anger accumulate and if so, what can you do about it? And how can it be used in a positive way?

Find the answers to these and many other questions in this post.

15 tips to improve your sex life

15 Ideas to Improve Your Sex Life

Experiencing problems in your marriage, especially with your intimate life? Here you have 15 ideas how to make the necessary changes to improve your sexual life.


I hope you like these posts. But that’s not all… Get all posts written in 2012 here.

Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! May all your wishes come true!

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