Foot Massage for Health Improvement and Relaxation

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Foot massage gives not only an incredible pleasure, but the ability to relieve fatigue, relax and improve your health in general. Moreover, feet have extremely important points and zones, massaging them can affect internal organs, help them to strengthen, improve metabolism, prolong youth and beauty of your whole body.

Benefits of foot massage

Foot massage is different from other kinds of massage. The difference is that by acting on feet and legs you can get beneficial effects on the whole body. Feet have many points connected with the spine, so the stimulation of them can help to reduce back pain, as well as work on your ears, eyes, teeth and gums, nasal sinuses. Plantar of the foot is connected directly with the internal organs and the massage of this area improves mood, relieves pain, etc.

Foot massage at home

Simple foot massage techniques are available for home use. To do this, put under your knee a rolled blanket or roller-pillow, during a massage your feet shouldn’t touch the hard surface. It’s not only a massage technique important, but also the appropriate preparation. The room temperature should be comfortable, your feet during the procedure shouldn’t feel chills. For relaxation massage is recommended to use oil with a pleasant aroma, which helps to relax. To treat pain and heaviness in legs use a warm-up cream.

The procedure begins with a general foot massage and then each finger separately. Then proceed to massage in a circular motion the foot plantar with a thumb. Areas with a rough skin require effort. Heels also deserve special attention. Then go to a massage of the calf. Movements are the same – circular. Massage of an upper leg shouldn’t affect the inside of the knee, where blood vessels are close to the surface.

Particular attention should be paid to the buttocks, even simple pats improve blood circulation, relax the muscles.

Self massage

Walking barefoot on the grass is very good for your health. It’s the easiest way to self massage your feet. Massage effect of such a procedure will give an unforgettable experience and will cheers you up. In winter, you can fill a box with peas, beans or pebbles and walk for 10 minutes.

Don’t forget also about a hot tub which is great for relaxation of your feet and legs.

If you haven’t tried foot or leg massage yet, do it. Ask your spouse or partner to massage your feet or go to a professional. You won’t regret, I assure you!

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