Health Benefits of Swimming

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Moving bodies through water is a fun way of exercising. Indeed swimming is an enjoyable experience for anyone. There is no conflict in the belief that swimming is a healthy activity and offers you a number of mental and physical health benefits. It’s one of the activities that can be continued for a lifetime.

Swimming is beneficial for overall fitness as you need to move the whole body to resist the force of water. There are a lot of people who perform swimming regularly but there are many who might be doing it just as a hobby. In both the cases swimming is known to be effective for our physical and mental fitness. It’s a perfect choice for the people of any age or gender. Here are some of the many health benefits of swimming:

  • The best part of swimming is it’s the only workout that leaves no harsh impact on your skeletal system. Human body becomes light while submerging in water and this makes the water exercises ideal to work on stiff and sore muscles and joints.
  • Swimming has such lower rate of injuries as compare to other cardiovascular workouts as the buoyancy of water does not stress your bones and joints.
  • There is a plethora of multiple swimming workouts that enhances your cardiovascular system, blood circulation, posture, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. It is good to try all of the swimming strokes to get the benefits of each of them.
  • Swimming plays a major role in strengthening and toning your muscles. As swimming is an ideal choice to tone the body, mostly ladies opt for swimming for their physical fitness. Moving hands and legs throughout the activity involve your whole body in the workout.
  • Swimming is not only an effective cardiovascular exercise and efficiently increases your heart rate but it also provides great exercise for your lungs to increase lung capacity. Swimming makes the heart and lungs work efficiently.
  • Respiratory rate and resting heart rate are decreased with the increasing duration of swimming. It makes your body able to use more oxygen without stressing the heart to work more.
  • Swimming is a low impact activity, so it’s the best option if you’re having any injury, are overweight, in your old age or having joints problem such as arthritis.
  • Regular swimming workouts work well in toning the abdominal muscles. Swimming puts a particular amount of stress on respiratory tract and helps in burning up excess fats in the body. It allows you to lose abdominal fats in a short period of time with regular practice.
  • Swimming is highly beneficial for allover the body and is also surely effective for mental well being. It relaxes your mind and aids in reducing stress levels.
  • Lowering the blood pressure is one of the major swimming benefits that are directly related to heart health. Curing the high blood pressure is a fix to prevent stress, strokes and mental clutter.
  • Swimming is also considered as one of the major calorie burner workouts. It’s good to aid you in keeping your desired weight.

Editor’s note: This is a post by Stephanie Ingram. She likes to be aware of fitness practice to live an active life. Stephanie has been zealous about learning & sharing the ways to improve fitness to maintain optimal health. For more steadfast info about Health & Fitness visit our website:

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