How Hard Working Can Influence Your Sexual Life

Today there is growing a number of visits to sexologists. First, wives of workaholics complain that their husbands are so much exhausted during a day that the thought of sex don’t even come to their mind. Second, hard working husbands themselves – they complain not on the impotence itself, but on the lack of desire.

Workaholic and his sexual life

Such situations become an iconic phenomenon of our time in many developed countries. Business and job suck in as a drug, and all the energy, including a sexual one, is spent on the main things, i.e. your job. Growing your own professionalism, care about the prestige, enhancing your own “rating” in the eyes of colleagues and competitors captures all thoughts of a workaholic.

Lonely wife of a workaholic

Work and only work can bring him pleasure. Many modern men actually have forgotten how to relax and switch from one kind of activity to another. After a busy day during which a man may have to take a risk, to manipulate with different things, he can’t focus on true intimacy and trust, which are so necessary for good sexual relations.

And the worst thing is that a workaholic doesn’t find time for sex even going on a vacation. While his girlfriend is sunbathing and splashing in the pool, he is constantly talking on a mobile, working with papers or doing something on a laptop. And in his true spare time he just sleeps, as it’s the only chance for him to have a good sleep.

In this case, you know, there’s no time for love games, tenderness, kisses and everything like that. There is also another aspect. Hard workers get used to live and work at a furious pace: fast to negotiate, to move in space, view the press and, of course – to make love. Five minutes of repetitive body movements… and sleep. There’s no time to think of the feelings of your partner.

If sex is always short, what can you say about its quality! But sex has great relaxation influence. Intimacy gives a strong burst of positive emotions and restores physical strength. Men who “can”, but do not want to have sex, should make themselves do it. Otherwise, the desire can be lost forever, and a workaholic can become an impotent.


You should learn to set priorities in all aspects of your life. Especially if you’re a workaholic and you have a family. Your sexual life as well as your family life needs YOU.

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Roman Soluk

Roman Soluk is the founder and editor of Optimistic Life and Optimistic Life: Healthy Living. He helps his readers to improve their lives, to think and act positively, and live to the fullest. Find out more about him here.

2 thoughts on “How Hard Working Can Influence Your Sexual Life

  1. I have never thought of this in this way. I have been working long hours lately, and have not made the time for sex with my wife lately. Quite frankly you have scared me a little bit… Impotence is nothing to mess around with. It looks like I am going to have to reexamine my priorities. Tank you for the insight.

    1. I’m glad it made you think of your life priorities. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. It’s much appreciated!

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