How Optimism Can Help You to Improve any Relationship

Optimism can help you to get rid of enemies and unpleasant people and to fill your world with loving people.

Scandals, fights, heated discussions – all this is an integral part of most people’s lives. At work, we are dissatisfied with the boss and constantly criticize him, arguing with spouse at home, pointing children how to behave, what to do, etc.

Finally, losing a lot of strength and energy, you feel completely exhausted, you start feeling sorry for yourself, and if there is someone who will listen and understand you – it’s great.

Can you learn how to avoid fights, make your dearest love and understand you, and make your colleagues respect you? Sure you can. Optimism suggests to use several simple rules that will help you get only positive emotions while speaking with people.

How optimism can help you to improve any relations

Optimistic couple on the beach

The world is great and diverse

Accept the fact that the world is diverse. So, all the people who inhabit the globe, are completely different: each has their own character, taste, lifestyle, dreams and desires. Maybe you are very polite and well-mannered man, and your colleague is rude. This still doesn’t mean he’s bad and you’re good, it’s just that he has his own views of life different from yours. Remember, our world is diverse, everyone is different, and you should accept them the way they are.

Don’t try to change somebody, no matter whether it’s your spouse, your friend or a colleague. You won’t succeed and you will just feel stressed.

What do you strive for in your life?

There are often cases when people think too much of some idea and when it’s not realized they feel depressed.

For example, you’re absolutely sure that the man of your dreams should be wealthy and generous, and your true love does not fall within the criteria. And then you begin to complain. Finally, it leads to fights and the breakdown of your relationship.

To avoid this try to forget about perfectionism. It’s clear that everyone wants to improve their life, but you should remember that there’s nothing perfect. Accept your partner the way he is, try to see positive sides in him, forgive his mistakes. And again… don’t wait him to change, only then you’ll be able to improve your relationship.

Appreciate the good, trusting relationships with your dearest. And if you had a quarrel with someone, don’t worry. Analyze why this happened, forgive them or ask them to forgive you.

Create a proper mindset

Imagine that your life is just a game. Be happy of all your victories and don’t worry because of your failures.

Try to understand that all your fights and heated discussions take your time and energy. Besides, they won’t bring you any good, just negative emotions.

Be positive, be an optimist and it will act like a magnet – it will give you lots of great moments in your relationships with your dearest.

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Roman Soluk

Roman Soluk is the founder and editor of Optimistic Life and Optimistic Life: Healthy Living. He helps his readers to improve their lives, to think and act positively, and live to the fullest. Find out more about him here.

13 thoughts on “How Optimism Can Help You to Improve any Relationship

  1. I like the sentence “Be positive, be an optimist and it will act like a magnet”.

    Optimism and a positive attitude are contagious. True, there will always people who dislike optimist people, but even they, would gradually change, if you keep positive and optimist.

    1. Hi Remez,
      You’re right, there are always people who because of some reasons hate optimistic view on life. They do it without knowing the true essence of positive thinking.
      Thanks a lot for your thoughts! They are much appreciated!

      1. hey Roman,

        I think we should why some man and woman argue with optimistic people and hold on their negative views… (maybe that’s an idea for an upcoming article?)


        1. Hi Allan,
          I agree… there are lots of people who constantly argue with optimists calling them naive and non-realistic. This is really a problem to discuss in future.
          Thanks a lot for commenting! It’s much appreciated!

  2. Hi Roman,

    That’s a great idea to imagine life as a game. When you play games, you don’t look back and keep on thinking about that one mistake you made because things move too fast, so you carry on. You carry on, but when you have that satisfying victory, you remember it forever because of how great it felt.

    Living life through those lens is a great mindset shift.

  3. I love the idea of forgetting about perfectionism, but holding on to your optimism so that you can still enjoy the sweet success of life.

    I don’t think holding any unrealistic expectations of others is worthwhile, by all means inspire them to become ‘better’ themselves, but expecting perfecting from a pessimistic point of view could never help. Seems like you’ve got the relationship part of life in order with that viewpoint!

    Great to find your blog, Roman, and maybe we can connect in the future! :)

  4. It’s really true.. Thanks for your sharing. I totally agree that people should not too perfectionism and must create proper mindset to their live otherwise they will facing a lot depression.

    1. Hi Davis,
      Perhaps, there is a dark side, but being risky isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s even useful.

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