How to Find the Girl of Your Dreams

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Pretty girl from dreams

Most men think that if a girl is pretty, it means that she isn’t their level. They see a pretty girl, but are afraid to approach her because they think that she has a boyfriend or even more ridiculous they think that she is going on a date. Today, I suggest you several ways to find the girl of your dreams.

How to find the girl of your dreams


First and foremost, you will never find a girl sitting at home at the computer. Do you expect that a stunning beauty who wants to meet you will knock at your door someday? It won’t happen. I can guarantee you a place where you will find the girl of your dreams – and it’s street. Yes street. If you walk down the street, you see a pretty girl then don’t delay come to her and try to start some conversation. And then your chances of finding a girl will rise from zero to 50%.

But if you want to get acquainted with a girl on the street, forget about such things like: “Can you tell me what time is it now?”, “How to get to … ?”, and everything like that. Remember, you have very little time, and you have to seem interesting within seconds. The best way is to say straight out that you liked her, and how wonderful it would be to go to the nearest cafe or just walk along.

Don’t be afraid of failure! Well, she won’t kill you, and won’t hit you either, but, imagine if because of your stupid fears you’ll miss your destiny.


Another way to get acquainted with a girl is a party. Just want to give advice, don’t just approach the brightest beauty. Look closely, not always at a glance you can tell a real diamond from a fake. Go to the kitchen, for example. Perhaps the girl you’re looking for is helping someone there.

It’s very easy to start a conversation with a girl at a party: you can invite her to dance, or can offer some help (if you really found her in the kitchen), or alternatively, ask her to help you, etc. Just use your imagination. Personally, I met my future wife at the party, so I assure you that your chances are very big.

Cultural places

If you like an educated and intelligent young women, go to a museum. Finding the girl of your dreams there is very simple, you just need to ask what she thinks about this or that work of art.

Another option is a theater. The scheme is the same: discuss the actors, the play itself and everything like that.

If you like special intelligence go to a library. There is nothing easier than to ask a girl to help you with finding the right information, and then invite her for a cup of tea or coffee.

Don’t despair, and remember that the girl of your dreams, just like you, is walking somewhere and looking for you, and the only thing you have to do – just to get acquainted.

So, good luck with finding the girl of your dreams! 

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