How to Learn Optimism from Pickup Artists

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Pickup artists? Surely I must have gotten something wrong. There’s nothing to learn from those manipulative deviants! Actually, if you believe that then you’d be wrong. There are a lot to learn from them. After doing some research on their community’s ideologies, I’ve learned they are actually honest people who use self-improvement to make themselves more viable options in the dating world. It’s not all tactics and manipulation that make women want them, it’s the new and improved individual they often emerge as. What can you learn from the pickup artists?

How to learn optimism from pickup artists

Optimism and self-confidence

Pickup artist and a girl

What I really appreciate about pickup artists is that they do not romanticize anything because they call it as it is. They provide honest feedback and they will give you a very real look into life. There is a lot of psychology that can be applied to both the individual and those who he seeks to conquer.

One of the things the community teaches is that no one wants to be with the guy who seems unconfident in himself and pessimistic. Pessimism is the opposite of optimism after all.

So how do they say you become optimistic? They teach that you should always assume attraction from the opposite sex. You value yourself and think highly of your own actions and ideas; people pick up on your positive self-opinions.

Once you value yourself, you become more positive and you no longer judge yourself harshly. You aren’t actively bringing yourself down because what’s the point in it?

This doesn’t only apply to the world of seduction but this mentality translates to very practical, real life application as well. When you think highly of yourself, you feel optimistic about the future and you begin to get things done.

If you were a writer, would you ever sit down and write if you didn’t value your creative output? No, of course not. You’d wonder what’s the point in it all? When you are optimistic and assume that what you do is good, you are already one step ahead of the other pessimists.

Another way they maintain optimism is by consciously focusing in on their positive attributes and fix what they do poorly. If you’re good at sports then perhaps play it more often to remind yourself that you do awesome things. Sports are a great way to impress others if you’d like to socially flaunt. Think about the achievements you’ve made over recent years no matter how big or small. Zero in on it!

Perhaps you don’t dress so well and others think you have a poor taste in fashion. Well, consciously put the effort in learning what goes well with what then make your clothes your strongest physical attribute. Start wearing the correct size as a starter (not too loose or tight,) then experiment with more solid t-shirts instead of wearing graphics all the time. Once you feel good about how you look, you no longer have to think about how others may think negatively of you. You’ll begin to think positively of yourself in terms of appearance.

There’s actually a lot more self-improvement type lessons to be learned from pickup artists, optimism is one of many virtues they try to instill to those who seek it. Are you going to criticize and condemn them simply because they are trying to improve themselves to appear as viable options to women? Open your mind that perhaps these guys have a lot of valuable life lessons to teach. It’s never bad to have more teachers even if some of them are rather unconventional.

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