How to Seduce Your Own Husband

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You’re too tired after the work and so is your husband? And it has a negative impact on your intimate part of life? Don’t be upset, dear women. All you must do to seduce your husband is to have a confidence that you are great and to use several very simple rules that no man can resist.

Simple ways to seduce your husband.

1. After taking a shower or a bath, don’t put on your pajamas or a nightgown! Put on a sexy robe so that your husband could see some ‘interesting’ parts of your body.

2. Buy a sexy lingerie. And buy not just a lace lingerie set, but even a silk one. Even if your husband won’t see it the thought that your are wearing such a sexy thing will give you the necessary mood.

3. Take the initiative. When making love usually the initiative is taken by your husband. Change it! Try to impress your husband without waiting for him to ask for something. :)

4. Forget sometimes about your home clothes. From time to time put on some sexy tops, tight jeans etc. Men like to watch, so impress your husband with your sexy shapes.

5. Make a plan of seducing your husband. Develop this plan in advance, think over all the details and your husband will like your efforts, I assure you.

6. Dance. I’m not trying to convince you to dance striptease. You don’t need even to dance for your husband. Simply dance for yourself when doing something, feel the rhythm, feel your sexuality. And if your husband see these movements… you won’t need to wait for a long time.

7. Make lazy movements. Don’t be in hurry. Don’t be rude and aggressive. Make gentle and slow movements. This will be a good seduction for your husband. But don’t overdo, this shouldn’t look artificial.

8. Sleep naked. Sleep naked and make your husband do the same. This is really great and sexy when you touch each other in the morning with your naked bodies even without making love.

Remember that all is in your hands, so don’t wait too long go and seduce your husband now!

 And how do you seduce your husband? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below!

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Roman Soluk

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2 thoughts on “How to Seduce Your Own Husband

  1. Very interesting article, and I agree with every word you said. Feeling sexy, loved and desired is an essential part of a happy and healthy relationship. Even when it seems we don’t have time for all this, we still need to make up time. And it sure pays off! Thanks for posting this article! It’s greatly appreciate it!

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