Inspirational Movies for Dark Days

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There comes a time in everybody’s life when we let the worries of work, family or just life in general get to us. Sometimes this happens during crunch time at work, sometimes on Christmas when surrounded by our family, sometimes when we’re all alone. And yet, rather than succumbing to the gloom of depression we should always try to find a bit of brightness in our lives and if we can’t do it through friends and family perhaps we can do it through the magic of the silver screen. There are plenty of inspirational movies out there that can get us back in a good mood. Some are about overcoming adversity, others about finding oneself but they are all perfect for bringing meaning and happiness back into your life.

Inspirational Movies for Dark Days

My Left Foot

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Based on a true story, My Left Foot is an inspirational story about writer and artist Christy Brown born with cerebral palsy in a poor family. Diagnosed with the terrible disease shortly after birth Brown could control no part of his body except his left foot. Despite living in squalor and receiving next to no schooling, the artist learned to write and paint with his left foot and became an international sensation through his written work. Despite his early life adversity, Christy Brown overcame his illness and became more than his family ever hoped for. My Left Foot teaches us that there is hope even when faced with gloom and darkness and that we shouldn’t despair and always stay positive.

Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump is a heart-warming story about how staying positive and having a can-do attitude moves mountains and overcomes any adversity. For those who haven’t seen it, Forrest Gump is the story of a simple, slow man who experiences the better part of the last century and overcomes all of the challenges thrown at him. He becomes an international sports star, fights in the war in Vietnam, meets the President and so much more. Though tragedy strikes everywhere around him he soldiers on through the power of optimism.

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward poster

Pay it forward is a story about improving your life by helping those around you. The idea put forward by the movie is simple: any recipient of a good deed or favor shouldn’t attempt to repay the person who helped them but help someone else instead. This chain of goodwill brings happiness into the lives of everybody, from gang member to the boy who initiated the movement and although the ending is bittersweet it makes you realize just how beautiful life is and how important it is to live it to the fullest.

The Secret

The Secret poster

The secret is a self-help book in movie form. Using dramatizations alongside a documentary-style approach The Secret tries to educate about the ‘Law of attraction’ a New Thought belief that by focusing on positive thoughts and hoping for the best, one can ‘will’ that into existence. While the concept seems far-fetched it is presented flawlessly and really has you believing by the end of the movie that just by living a more positive life you can live a better one as well.

So the next time life gets to you and you’re depressed, without the energy to turn your life around remember these inspirational stories and watch these movies to remind yourself just how good you have it.

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