Natural Health Remedies for Scars

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Scars form from a wide range of potential causes, such as a surgical procedure or severe acne. The problem with a scar is that once it forms on the skin, eliminating it seems difficult and sometimes impossible. Understanding the natural remedies for scars can save money and avoid the risks associated with other solutions.

Natural health remedies for scars

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural remedy to help soften the skin and gradually help reduce the appearance of scars. Unlike other plant oils, coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids. The unique makeup of the oil helps improve the overall health of skin and softens the scar tissue when used consistently. That ultimately helps reduce the appearance of scarring.

While the cost of coconut oil can vary slightly by location and rarity in the area, it is usually around five to six dollars for a small bottle. A small bottle is typically around four to five ounces of oil, though brands will differ in price and bottle sizes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often considered one of the best natural treatments for scar tissue because it stimulates collagen production and improves the strength of the skin. This will particularly help indented scars that form as a result of too little collagen in the skin. The vitamin E lotion or oil is applied directly to the scars. Those who want a better impact on overall skin health can also take a vitamin E supplement.

Vitamin E varies in cost based on the particular product, but is usually available for around five to ten dollars.


Organic honey is one of the best products for the skin and internal health. Honey helps fade discoloration scars when it is applied directly to the skin. In most cases, honey is used as a facial mask rather than used as a spot treatment.

The price of honey is variable, but it can range from three dollars for a small amount to around 15 to 20 dollars for larger jars. Those who do not plan to use honey for any reason beyond scar treatment should opt for a smaller jar due to the high sugar content that might crystallize if left too long.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural lightening agent that is ideal for use on dark pigmented scars or red marks left behind as proof of an injury or acne. Using natural lemon juice from a fresh squeezed lemon is usually best because it will have a better impact than jars of lemon juice purchased in a store. Depending on skin sensitivity, it is usually best to mix lemon juice with one part water and one part lemon to avoid uncomfortable burning sensations.

Apply the lemon juice directly to the discolored scar and allow it to sit for at least one hour before rinsing. The cost of lemons will vary, but it is possible to get two to four lemons for one dollar at most grocery stores. The time of year will often dictate the number of lemons available for a dollar.

Downside of Surgical Options

While some might consider a surgical solution like a tummy tuck procedure for scar removal, it has a few clear reasons that it is not the best way to remove scars. The first reason is the risk of scarring. Most surgical procedures like a tummy tuck might help in certain situations, but it often leaves some scarring behind.

Another downside is that the surgical options are expensive. It will usually cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the procedure, depending on the particular method of removing scars.

Scars form from some of the most unexpected reasons, such as losing weight quickly. Fortunately, natural remedies are often effective in treating scars without a high expense.

Note: This post was written by a guest author Brentt Taylor from Tummy Tuck Cost.

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