Practical Tips for Safe Weight Loss

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The big secret of having a fit and healthy body is leading a healthy and active life. Modern life style doesn’t always allow us to exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy. In order to maintain your body fit, or to lose weight, you should balance your activities and your nutrition. Generally speaking, you have to be careful about what you eat and when. When you cannot exercise enough you should at least reduce the everyday food intake and balance different kinds of foods that will provide good nutrition for your organism.

Practical tips for safe weight loss

What is your goal?

Losing weight is always a goal. However, if you want to lose weight you should be careful to do it in a right and safe way. Usually when you are dieting you cut back on meals, you miss a meal or two, you eat one kind of food what is thought to be low-fat, and so on. For some people that is a fast way to lose weight, but this can, also, lead to damaging your metabolism, damaging vital organs, like kidneys, or the heart, losing hair, misbalance of hormones, losing muscles mass, etc. Dieting should be a sort of “hygiene” of nutrition and not starving yourself. That is why it is important to set your goals right, or, in plain words, to change your life style.

How to lose weight in a proper way?

Once you decide you need to lose weight you have to know that it is a long process. If you don’t have any hormones, misbalance or other illnesses are a problem that might be solved by altering your eating habits, level of activity and life style. First of all, you need to know that crash diets and extreme eating plans are unhealthy and, as soon as you finish your plan, you will gain all the excess weight back in jiffy. This is mainly because you don’t change your eating habits. The particular weight loss program can be drastic, but it affects your body in a way you might not notice right away.

The best way to start changing your eating habits is by including more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and cheese and sugar-free beverages. You should not have junk food in your kitchen and you should get rid of all unhealthy snacks. The most important thing is to realize how important nutrition is, in staying fit or losing weight. It is not all about fast and drastic results. You must activate your metabolism by changing your nutrition. It might take a month before you see the first results, but if you follow your diet plan, it will only get easier. If you have any health problems, you should consult your doctor and check what kind of food you should avoid or what kind you should include.

Why is planning so important?

Making your own diet plan and program will help you visualize what you want to achieve. The important thing is to be realistic and to know what you want exactly. You need to, so to say, “operationalize” your goals. This means that, if you want to lose 2 pounds a week you should plan your weekly nutrition, exercise, etc. It is of extreme importance to keep in mind what you want to achieve. After making a plan regarding how you will lose weight you are, almost, half way there. Now, it is essential to have a strong will and to be persistent and determined. You must see yourself in the future like a person that is changed. Once you visualize your goals you must keep them in mind literally all the time, because they will lead you to your journey in becoming a fit, healthy and happy person. They represent your future and what you don’t like about yourself is the past.

What should you eat?

The size of your meal also matters. You should be aware of your body size and how much you should eat for each meal. Breakfast can be little larger, but only if you will be active in the morning and throughout the day. It would be wise to include fruit for breakfast because it is a great source of fibers and energy. In the morning our metabolism is very fast so you will digest your food better and quicker. Lunch should not be bigger than your palm size. If you work or are active during the afternoons your lunch should be food rich with proteins and vitamins, less fat and curbs. If you have time to cook dinner you should include more vegetables and homemade soups. If you get hungry again do not eat unhealthy snacks. You can make your own healthy snacks with less sugar and less fat, easily.

Train yourself to eat fruit salads instead of deserts. Have at least five meals a day but small ones. That way you will never be hungry and, logically, you can digest smaller amounts of food more easily.

Exercise is important

Once you set your mind to changing your eating habits, you should also think about what you can do with your time concerning exercise and activity. Before taking any steps further, you should consult a doctor if you have any illnesses or pains. If you have the time and place where you can work out, make sure you ask a trainer what kinds of exercises will suit you the best, considering you weight. Even if you cannot find the time to work out, try to be more active. Walk as much as you can, or work out at home, for starters.

Exercise will not only help your body burn fat but it will also be a safe way to lose weight and not harm your body. Exercise will also shape your muscles and give you more energy. At the beginning, you probably will not think like this, but give it some time, especially if you are not active now. Once you start exercising and working out, your muscles will activate and that might cause you some pain. You might feel more tired. But, after a week or two, you will feel better both physically and emotionally. Your body will start to change and you will start to lose weight.

Helpful tips for weight loss

  • Drink at least six cups of water or other fluids a day. Drinking water and other non-fat sugar-free beverages have shown to raise metabolism efficiency. Through urine your body releases a lot of toxins.
  • Eat more fruit. When you feel like having a snack try to have a piece of fruit or a fruit smoothie. At the beginning, it will not satisfy your cravings, but it will help you lose weight if you make it a habit. It would be healthier if you didn’t put in any extra sugar in your fruit because it already had a lot of sugar, especially a certain kind of (very healthy) fruit like the
  • Recent studies have shown that people who pace around their rooms and offices, or eat standing up are less likely to gain weight if they overeat. Try to be active as much as possible. You can combine various tips and help your body burn calories.
  • Food with a lot of fiber is better for your body and you are less likely to gain weight. High fiber food keeps sugar on the constant level in your blood and decreases fatty storage. Also eat a lot of green foods.
  • Eat more seafood and vegetarian meals. Try to eat more soya than meat. You will digest it better and it will keep you full.
  • Keep a food journal – write down and keep record of what you eat. This is a great way to notice your bad eating habits and to reduce the intake of bad substances. You can reward yourself after a certain kind of period, when you didn’t eat junk food. For example, you can give yourself points for each day and each meal. Count points at the end of each week and see if you deserve a reward.

To sum up, I hope that you have found what you have read to be rather informative. Feel free to search the web in order to get further information, and good luck.

Note: This is a guest post by Ivan Dimitrijevic. Ivan has often combined his blogging experience and his love of dieting and fitness to write about topics like Weight Watchers program reviews and meal delivery services. He has had articles published on topics including social media marketing, blogging tips, and cutting weight while training. He likes to write occasionally for health/wellness related blogs like Weight Loss Triumph. Ivan Dimitrijevic is married, with a 4 year old daughter and enjoys preparing delicious and healthy meals for his family.

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