Tennis Helps To Make You Fitter, Healthier and Happier

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Tennis can change your life in many ways. If you take-on the court several times a week, you’ll experience a renaissance in good health and increased happiness. It may be hard to begin with, but if you bring some likeminded friends along, it can turn into something fun you all do together.


Ever wondered why health freaks can be bothered to strap on their trainers and do a killer workout? Because once your fitness improves, you reap all the mental and physical benefits. Not only is it nice to fit comfortably into your jeans again, but a chemical process occurs in your brain when you exercise. You may have heard of it before; it’s sometimes called the ‘runner’s high.’

Even Jesus would have no problem with these naturally-occurring opiates in your brain: endorphins and endocannabinoids (which sounds dangerously close to ‘cannabis’ for good reason). These chemicals flood your system and produce a euphoric sensation. Legal highs for everyone.

Other feel-good chemicals party in your brain, including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. After exercise, stress levels deplete and you leave with a general sense of well-being. How lovely, is that?


People who routinely burn off 2,000 calories a week through exercise have a 25%-33% lower death rate. In one hour long singles game of tennis, men can burn off 600 calories an hour, whereas women (on average) torch 420. With just a few sessions of tennis a week, you could be demolishing 2,000 calories (roughly one day’s calorie intake)!

Your risk of heart disease is reduced considerably and your levels of bad cholesterol are lower. With the introduction of dynamic exercise, you’ll help support bone density in your body, and reduce your risks of developing osteoporosis. Once you hit 30, you reach your peak bone density and you start losing it to age. Fight back with tennis!

Tennis, in particular, increases your balance, because of the fast footwork involved during the game, which means that you’re less likely to fall and injure yourself in the first place. Clumsy people, play tennis regularly and you’ll suffer from fewer boo-boos.


Although many people would welcome losing a few inches off their waistline, being a fit individual should be your main priority. The health benefits are fantastic, but just being able to do things better is a godsend in itself. Small things like being able to climb a flight of stairs without breaking out into a sweat make you feel younger and life is just…well…easier.

Tennis develops your core, while you move across the court, as it works on both your lower and upper body. The range of movement strengthens muscles, making you more agile and flexible.

Obviously, the aerobic aspect will mean that it takes a lot to make you out of breath, but it will give you boundless energy for all aspects of your life.

The force created by hitting balls about the court will condition your body, giving you superior physical strength to carry out tasks. Opening stiff jam jars? No problem.

Note: This post has been contributed by British blogger Zoe, on behalf of Playrite, who provide tennis court surfaces and other sport surfaces for health clubs, universities and leisure centres.

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