The Benefits of Barefoot Walking

Earlier we were talking about the benefits of walking outdoors. Today I’d like to speak about barefoot walking which is even more useful. It’s like the next step in improving your health.

Walking barefoot has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, joints, skin and even brain, which means that it’s useful almost for every person to go for a walk and forget the shoes.

It is known that our feet have special points, each of which corresponds to a particular organ of the body. When a person walks barefoot it’s like all the organs are massaged. Besides, barefoot walking also improves blood circulation and positively influences your legs.

But remember, barefoot walking is prohibited for people with rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, etc.

Where to walk barefoot?

It’s obvious that you can’t walk barefoot anywhere. For example, a tile floor can cause hypothermia and this, in its turn, can cause different diseases of pelvic organs, urogenital system.

Synthetic surfaces, carpets made of artificial fibers have a static electricity, which have very negative effects and in practice means frequent headaches. The perfect surfaces for barefoot walking are wood and ground. So, when walking at home try to walk directly on the floor, avoid carpets. But, better walk barefoot outdoors.

How long to walk?

To receive the maximum benefits from barefoot walking you should walk long enough. It should be no less than 40 minutes. Only in this case you’ll get a visible result.

Walking on water

To restore the nervous system after a mental overload you should walk barefoot in the morning dew. Start this process with a 1-2 minutes walk (dew is cold and your body must get used to this) and then gradually prolong it to one hour.

Besides it’s very useful to walk on wet stones. For this purpose the best will be a seashore.

But remember, as already mentioned, your feet should get used to everything, so start your barefoot walking gradually.

Try this, and you’ll definitely like the process and its results.

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Roman Soluk

Roman Soluk is the founder and editor of Optimistic Life and Optimistic Life: Healthy Living. He helps his readers to improve their lives, to think and act positively, and live to the fullest. Find out more about him here.

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