Topless Sunbathing vs. Healthy Body

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Topless girl sunbathing

As it’s already the beginning of summer it’s high time to speak again about the topic of sunbathing. But now I’d like to refer to topless sunbathing and its influence on woman’s health.

Now it’s quite popular to sunbathe topless. No matter whether it’s a young girl or more respectable lady, everyone do it. That is why the following question arises:

What is the influence of topless sunbathing on your body?

If you look at this topic from the standpoint of aesthetics, the tan evenly distributed throughout the body looks quite attractive. But at the same time, topless sunbathing may bring some harm to your health. But if you have decided to sunbathe topless, then at least follow some simple rules.


  • Topless sunbathing is not bad for 22-24 year-old girls.
  • If you’re older, before going to sunbathe topless contact mammologist or oncologist.
  • If you suffer from some woman’s disease, then topless sunbathing isn’t for you.

Forget about topless sunbathing in the following cases:

  • Nodal mastopathy;
  • One or several punctures;
  • Nodules or inclination to it;
  • Pregnancy.

Do not expose your breasts to sun during the second phase of the menstrual cycle. At this time, the structure of breasts changes due to hormonal adjustment of your body.

You shouldn’t sunbathe topless if you have dark moles on your breasts. Because in that case it can cause you serious  health problems including oncological.

If you live in the North don’t sunbathe topless in the southern countries because your skin is not adapted to such sunlight.

Sunbathe topless only if you have some experience in it, when doing it for the first times be very careful.

Whether to sunbathe topless or not is your decision. But don’t forget that tan won’t last more than 2-3 weeks and health problems may bother you to the end of your life!

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

Photo credit: Maria Georgieva
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