Vital Things to Do Before You Turn 30

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30th birthday cake

Many of your goals are often imposed by parents, friends or society in general. For example, most people are taught that by the age of 30 they should graduate from the university, get married, etc. – but is this always a guarantee of happiness?

Today I decided to suggest you a list of things you need to do before you turn 30.

Vital things to do before you’re 30

1. Understand what you want from life! Make at least a small list of your life goals. It’s okay if they haven’t been realized yet. The main thing is that you know what you want!

2. Start a new life. Every person from time to time can say to themselves “I’m fed up, I start a new life”. For example, it may be a healthy diet, healthy relationships, jogging in the morning, etc.

3. Begin to learn what’s interesting for you! It is important that you allow yourself to do what you are really interested in: foreign languages or yoga, computer design or dancing.

4. Do something you like. The best way is to get a job which you like. Or at least a hobby that will make your life more exciting. Having a job you hate by the age of 30 won’t lead you to anything good.

5. Increase your self-esteem. Before you turn 30 you should have a high self-esteem! That is hight time to realize that you are incredibly attractive, sexy, talented, smart and deserve all the best!

6. Learn to forgive people. By the age of 30 every person has a great experience. And your future depends on the kind of this experience. If you learn to get rid of negativeness, you will be able to love your life for a long time.

7. Want a child. It’s okay if you don’t have a baby before 30. Happiness of motherhood (or fatherhood) is for everyone, regardless of age.

8. Be yourself. It’s enough to justify someone else’s expectations! It’s time to live your own life!

Small but important things to do before you turn 30

Don’t treat your age too seriously! 30 years is nothing special. You’re still young and full of strength. Live your life to the fullest! Enjoy every moment of it!

9. Learn to enjoy small things. By the age of 30 it’s required to obtain and maintain this useful ability. Reasons for joy can be found everywhere and always. Your task is to see them!

10. See the world. No matter whether you will go to the sea, to some other country or to the village. Never miss a chance to see the world outside your city. This will help you to broaden your horizons, gain useful experience and rethink your own life.

11. Fall in love! And no matter what the result is. The main thing is to gain valuable experience and prepare for a true love for the whole life.

12. Do some beautiful nonsense. For example, bungee or parachute jumping. Briefly speaking, do something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

In general, it doesn’t matter if you turn 30, 40 or more, you should remain young in your soul and treat your life as a precious gift, by enjoying every moment of it. Don’t waste time, be happy right now!

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