What is Your Way to Success? [POLL]

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Nowadays people speak a lot of about success, how to achieve it, why it’s gone, etc. If you carefully observe people who have succeeded in everything you can make some conclusions. They are adventurous, value their time, pay attention to details and know their value.

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There are seminars where coaches teach you to be successful. Some give just theory, but motivating to act and succeed in life, and others give practical and useful tools to achieve success.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a role model. If someone does something good or even great, you can just repeat his success. Yes, you will not become great, but you’ll achieve at least something.

But everything is very individual.

  • Your way to success may be through Faith, when you believe in your work and in yourself.
  • It may be planning, when you plan all your actions and business itself.
  • It may be order in everything, on a desk, in a computer, in your mind, etc.
  • Or maybe a luck?
  • Money? Sometimes it can buy you success.
  • Connections can make you successful.
  • Health. Isn’t it necessary in order to gain success?

And what is your way to success?

What is your way to success?

What is your way to success?

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