What will the New Year Bring for You? [POLL]

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New Year pollHolidays are coming and soon we’ll be celebrating the New Year. No matter what some pessimists say about the end of the world this year, we do believe and know that 2013 will definitely come.

Many of us are waiting for something in the New Year. We are making plans, dreaming and hoping for better year. But our goals and expectations are as different as we are ourselves.

So, what is the New Year for you? What will it bring for you?

The New Year will bring…

New Year will bring...

  • Love, happiness or success (43%)
  • New life at the new stage (30%)
  • Nothing special (15%)
  • Magic and fairy tale (7%)
  • Lots of new work (5%)

Feel free to leave your comments below… They are much appreciated as always!


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