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5 Hard Ways to Give Your Life Meaning

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It’s truly difficult to make your life better. You will have to become someone else, not like others. You’ll have to learn to love yourself despite all failures and defeats, and to move forward. You’ll have to learn what responsibility is. You’ll have to plan for the years ahead.

The basic formula is the following: forget about short-term pleasures. If you give up your work in order to have a beer with your friends, if you are able to cancel an important meeting for love with a hot girl then you have big problems. To make your life truly worthwhile, it is necessary to change most of your bad habits. And learn to tell yourself the truth.

Some hard ways to improve your life

1. Create your own business
Working for someone else puts you in position where you’re totally dependent. In addition, the income from your job goes basically into his pocket.

Your own business gives you complete control over your time and money. Yes, it’s hard – most small businesses fail. But then, what you have learned through this failure, may be ten times more useful than working for someone else.

2. Gather like-minded people.
What’s your obsession? Most likely, staying in the company of like-minded people will make this obsession even stronger. Gathering a group of people united by a mutual obsession is not an easy task, very often many depends on the creator, the leader. And as in point 1, if your first attempt fail this experience will help you a lot in future.

3. Write a book.
It’s really nice to see your name on the cover. Besides, it is so good to know that your book has changed someone’s life. Share your masterpiece no matter whether it’s a short story, a novel or a science-fiction. If you write at least one page a day, at the end of a year you will have enough material to work with.

4. Make a family.
It is much more than just a marriage or a fatherhood. There are many examples where due to problems with the law, people can’t get married officially. Nevertheless, they have a family. When having a family you give yourself completely to one or more people whom you love. When you’re connected with the trust, respect and love.

5. Set an incredible goal and achieve it.
All previous points were only examples of how you can improve your life. Perhaps you want to record an album, to visit 20 countries – don’t limit yourself with small goals. Try to achieve the most incredible and the most desirable things. Yes, you will have to learn a lot but it’s worth.

So, are you ready to give your life meaning?

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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