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5 Ways to be a Better Spouse

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Ways to be a Better Spouse

Are you and your partner going through a rough time? Maybe you feel the distance between you two growing, and you want to close the gap. Or is it that you’re just especially thoughtful and want to find even more ways to impress your spouse? Here are five ways to be a better spouse and improve your relationship.

1. Write a love letter
For those of us who have been in relationships for awhile, we know it’s easy to forget to say how we feel. Even when we do remember to tell our partner we love them, it’s often not in the deep, affectionate way it was in the beginning. One way to please your partner is to write them a love letter and leave it on their pillow or in their car. Tell them how much better your life is with them, how you have become a better person, or whatever other loving feelings you want to express.

2. Go on a date
I’m not talking about dinner and the movies – get creative. A gourmet picnic at a nearby park, a weekend cooking course, or volunteering at a soup kitchen are all fun, different date ideas you can try. The more originality, the more brownie points you get.

3. Listen
Work, kids, chores, family, friends, home improvement – all of these aspects of our lives keep us busy. Have external distractions been keeping you two from having a deep conversation? Do you know what’s going on at their job? Are they satisfied with life in general? Make the time to listen. Set aside some time every day or week to really listen to your partner and increase the solidity of your marriage.

4. Massage
Your spouse comes home, looking like they’ve had the worst day of the year. Stress can put a serious strain on a relationship. What better way to help them reduce some of the tension by giving them a nice, long, relaxing massage? Your spouse will feel grateful to have such a loving, concerned partner, and you’ll feel good about easing his or her mind and body.

5. What does your partner like?
Think back to the best days you and your spouse have had together. Was it laughing over French fries in a diner at 2 a.m. in college? Maybe it was just a simple night of family games or snuggling together watching movies. Only you know what your spouse really enjoys. Try to recreate previous good times together or plan something you know your partner loves.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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