In my life there was a time when I had plenty of different fears and later many of them became a reality. And then I decided to make a change, to cope with my problems, to improve my personality, to take care of my health and to achieve my life goals.

My two main principles of this change were Desire and Faith. Without them I wouldn’t do anything. And I must say I really succeeded. I changed my thoughts, I gave up smoking, improved my health, improved my relationships with my girlfriend, and, finally, got married (update: and I’m a father now!). Though it’s not the finish yet. I still have plenty of things to do in my life, to achieve my other life goals, to make my family happy. And I’m sure that my success in life is still waiting for me.

Today Optimistic Lifestyle is a big resource with plenty of posts on personal development, health care, lifestyle, love & relationships, family & children. It is a regularly updated life improvement blog, which provides useful information that can help you to improve your lifestyle.

Why should you read this blog?

I’ve accomplished a lot during my life, I’ve coped with many life troubles. And now I’m sharing my experience with YOU, trying to help you with your life improvement. The changes and the lifestyle that helped me will definitely help everyone, I assure you!