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Benefits and Harm of Eating Grapes

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Benefits and Harm of Eating Grapes

Benefits and harms of eating grapes is one of the most thoroughly studied areas of modern medicine. Therefore, in this post I provide the information on including grapes in your diet.

Grapes and your diet

Benefits of eating grapes

Treatment with the help of grapes (ampelotherapy) was already known to the ancient Romans and Greeks in the I century AD. Today grapes are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. In grape seeds there was found one of the most powerful antioxidants. Grape juice is one of the most useful drinks. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, heals and rejuvenates the body in general. Seeds of grapes are used in the production of various medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Grapes contain up to 200 items of various biologically active substances among them there are the basic substances such as vitamins C, P, PP and B-group as well as organic acids and folic acid. Grapes also contain such necessary elements as iron, sodium, copper, phosphorus and zinc.

Grapes are very useful in treatment of anemia and exhaustion and even in treatment of tuberculosis at early stages. Grapes is an indispensable tool for patients with chronic bronchitis and kidney disease. Grapes are recommended to patients who are exhausted with a long-lasting illness as, in this case, support the immune system and help the body to fight with all sorts of infections.

Harm of eating grapes

However, grapes are not recommended to patients with diabetes, duodenal and gastric ulcer, obesity, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, as well as colitis, stomatitis, and dental caries. You should not eat grapes along with raw milk, fatty foods, mineral waters, alcoholic drinks, raw vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, there may be a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

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