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Change Your Life in 1 Year

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change your life

With the stresses of your career, your current financial situation, raising a family, and more, it is easy to get bogged down with the small details of everyday life. Then one day it dawns on you that you aren’t happy with many aspects of your life. You may not like the way you look. You may feel unhealthy. You may not have reached the level of financial or career success that you thought you would have reached by now. You need to change your life…

Change your life in 1 year
The fact is that you can change your life in the next year to turn things around. From using price comparison sites to save money and buying life insurance to taking steps to improve your physical health, there are many changes that can be made that can equate to a happier life.

Your financial changes

Your financial situation generally boils down to a component of spending and savings habits. Consider developing a strategy to pay off your debts like credit cards, student loans, and your car loan. Often, living beneath your means for a few years can help you to free yourself of the burden of debt, providing you with a more secure financial future. And therefore solving your financial problems will greatly change your present life.

Your health changes

An overhaul of your health can be extreme or more gradual. You will find that making some simple changes to your diet can yield major results to your level of health and well-being. For instance, swearing off fast food meals and cutting out sugary sodas from your diet can not only help you to lose weight and feel healthier, but they can also help you save a few bucks, too. Getting more exercise can be easy to do, too. You can simply put on your sneakers and walk for fifteen or twenty minutes a day to get started, and you can add extra physical activity as your feel your physical fitness level increasing.

One overlooked aspect of your level of health is the amount of sleep you get. Sleep can affect your energy level, and feeling fatigued can make you overeat. Sleep can also affect how energetic you feel for physical activity, and it can affect your mood, too.

And isn’t significant improvement of your health a great life change?

Putting it all together

Every decision you make throughout the deal combines to create the current life you are leading. This includes very basic decisions such as choosing to eat a bowl of whole grain cereal over doughnuts in the morning to choosing to flip off the TV and go to bed a half hour earlier as well as more complex decisions. When you regularly make these small but very important decisions over the course of each day, you will find that the compounded benefits to your life and level of happiness are incredible.

And what changes do you make to improve your life right now?

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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