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Gestures in Communication – Body Language

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Gestures in Communication - Body Language

Today we are speaking of body language. Here you’ve got the list of positive and negative gestures and their meaning in communication. Learning these gestures will help you to understand your interlocutor even if he lies to you.

But before starting you should understand that these gestures aren’t always a body language, for example it may be a person’s habit. You should also pay attention to whether the gestures are made naturally or intentionally in order to understand them properly.

Body language: Positive gestures

  • Open hands, palms up – friendliness, openness, willingness to cooperate.
  • Hand near the cheek – thinking, indifference, lack of interest.
  • Head tilted sideways – interest.
  • Scratching chin – the process of making a decision.
  • Manipulation with glasses (slowly removing the glasses and wiping the glass when there’s no need to do it) – pause for thought.
  • Manipulation with objects (for example, biting a pen) – additional information is needed.
  • Touching at times your nose with light rubbing – doubt.
  • Rubbing behind the ear or in front of the ear with your finger, rubbing eyes – doubt, thinking of the answer.
  • While a handshake stretching out your hand palm up – openness, desire to reach agreement.

Body language: Negative gestures

  • Arms folded across your chest – a defensive reaction.
  • Putting your chin on a hand, index finger extended along the cheek, the remaining fingers are below the mouth – critical evaluation.
  • Hand covering the lower part of the face, thumb props a chin – critical evaluation.
  • Looking at a watch – in a hurry, would like to finish the meeting.
  • While handshaking turning a hand in a way that it becomes on top of the palm of a companion – superiority.
  • Turning a head slightly sideways – a polite refusal to communicate.
  • A hand compressed in a fist – authoritativeness, determination.
  • Fingers intertwined – closed for communication.
  • Looking aside – suspicion and doubt.

Body language: poses and appearance

  • Raised eyebrows, slightly raised head, doubt in eyes – tired of talking.
  • Unbuttoned jacket – openness, free behavior.
  • Hands in pockets, thumbs extended outward – neglect.
  • Hands in pockets, shoulders raised – surprise, superiority.
  • Feet (whole body) turned to the exit – desire to finish the conversation.
  • Throwing objects on the table, harsh or even aggressive gestures – a demonstration of irritation.

Body language tip to remember: Steady eye contact with the interlocutor implies openness, but it is important not to overdo, because people can interpret it in their own way: suspicious, shows her superiority, etc.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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