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Health of Your Home: Add Some Positive Energy

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Health of Your Home: Add Some Positive Energy

Have you ever thought about what’s the most important thing in your house? Comfort and beauty? Compatibility of colors and objects? All these qualities are certainly very valuable. But perhaps the most important is harmony between all subjects and how they affect your mood and health. Only here at your home you can relax and renew your strengths to communicate with the outside world.

And what have you done to make this influence positive? The first thing that comes to mind – the desire to give your home love and attention. And the second is the observance of certain rules. And you can learn about these things from feng shui – the science (or even the art) of establishing a psychological comfort at home.

To tell you about all the laws of feng shui I would need to write a series of articles and perhaps one day I will fill this gap. But in the meantime, I offer you to learn about 10 simple tips to make your home healthier and according to feng shui they are considered the most important. The surest approach is to try to use each of them, but you can choose what seems the most suitable.

Facts of feng shui, which a practical modern person should know

  • All items have their own energy and all that is in your house creates its aura, which affects its inhabitants.
  • House is like a living being, and the only way to receive a positive energy from it is to make sure that there is a balance of all components (movement and rest, light and shadow, decoration and emptiness).
  • Most of the energy that comes into your house (unless it is connected with people) isn’t clearly positive or negative. But only in the house it becomes a “positive” or “negative”.
  • If you are interested in the growth and prosperity your home can support you in this desire with the help of some very important (according to feng shui) items and actions. They create a positive aura of the house. And about this “practical magic” we’ll talk.

10 feng shui secrets to make your home healthier

1. Let the luck come in.
Entrance door and hallway space – the ways the energy enters the house. Therefore it’s recommended to take away from this area all unnecessary things and add some items, that create a positive mood.

The bright tones of the walls, good lighting, beautiful painting, a flower – all of it according to feng shui promotes the transformation of energy into a positive one.

2. Get rid of junk.
What is considered “junk” – everyone decides by themselves, but it’s very important to keep the house in order.

I’m not talking here about fanaticism. But, apart from maintaining health, you can also take care of the level of positive energy, because the garbage is a famous source of negativity.

Besides, no one has canceled the truth that by getting rid of unnecessary things, you are clearing the place for everything new and more necessary for you, including events in your life.

3. Strive for balance.
As already mentioned, masters of feng shui believe that the balance in the house is one of the most important qualities that contribute to positiveness and prosperity. It’s assumed that any object is somehow related to one of five elements: earth, metal, wood, fire and water.

4. Take the inspiration from nature.
Nature is the best example of growth and prosperity. In the atmosphere of city life, even small reminders of nature can help to relax and return us to the peace of mind.

5. Use mirrors wisely.
As is known, the main quality of mirrors is doubling what they reflect. Therefore, think carefully what it will reflect. Nice view from the window, a beautiful painting, a flowering plant. Feng Shui believes that in this case there will be more positive moments in your life.

6. The correct movement of energy.
For private houses this secret means that the front door shouldn’t be placed directly in front of stairs to the second floor or entrance into the basement, or the positive energy will fly away very quickly.

7. Create an oasis of a true rest.
The bedroom is a private area not only because it is used for making love, but more importantly, it is the place where we can really disconnect from the world and its problems.

8. Let the relatives support you, but don’t interfere.
Photos of family members, ancestors and friends should be placed where you see them more often and experience pleasant feelings. Living room, dining room and home office will be the best for this. But not the bedroom. Let it remain the private space of two spouses.

9. Fill the house with blooming beauty.
Home plants help you to feel your connection with nature. And all their beauty is important for every woman. After all, at any age she remains a flower.

10. Add light to your life.
Besides the obvious advantages of lighting, i.e. providing a visual comfort, properly placed lights can help to attract a lot of positive energy.

These are the most important secrets of feng shui which you need to know.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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