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How to avoid depression when being unemployed

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How to avoid depression

Because of the world financial crisis, along with a recession there increases the number of people who were fired. This unpleasant situation is already know to many of us.

It’s good if the unemployed person does not live alone and someone can help them. However, there are many such difficult situations when a husband was fired, and his wife stays at home taking care of a child, or when both husband and wife were fired.

And what should we do in such cases? In such a situation it is almost impossible to find a new job, as the number of unemployed people constantly increases.

And this situation is very difficult psychologically.

Many researches show, that unemployment creates a lot of personal, family and social problems – from depression and heart attacks to domestic violence and rising of crime. Many still have a job and are working in a constant fear of being next. In times of crisis often increases competition between workers, and it reduces the chances of promotion.

But, we should remember that the crisis will be over and our health is the most important. Without it we won’t be able to find a new job or go on working. And here are:

Some recommendations for unemployed people

1. If you were fired do not blame yourself.

2. Change your stress and emotions into a motivation to find a new job.

3. Discuss all this situation with your family. They should know that it’s not your fault.

4. Make a plan to find a new job. Think over all the details.

5. Prepare your resume.

6. Try to lead the same lifestyle as before. Then you’ll avoid radical changes and this won’t let you fall in depression.

Be strong and everything will be OK… sooner or later!

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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