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How to Believe in Yourself – Essential Rules

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How to Believe in Yourself – Essential Rules

Not all of us can boast of being confident in their skills and actions. Simply, many people just don’t believe in themselves. Because of their own self doubt, they often miss a lot of opportunities, promising proposals, interesting meetings, etc.

How to believe in yourself

Self-confidence begins in early childhood, so the attitude of parents to children is very important, parenting methods that they use, attention, care everything matters. It is also important for parents to believe in themselves, because otherwise how can you believe in yourself if you see self doubt since the very childhood.

Self-confidence can be developed by everyone, of course if you want it and make some efforts. So, how can you believe in yourself? What are the essential rules?

1. Every day repeat the same phrase for several times: “I believe in myself!”. This will act like self-hypnosis and believe me that after a while you will feel more confident in making certain decisions.

2. Try to focus your attention on your positive sides. Forget about your weaknesses, remember that thoughts are material, hence the other people around you will only see what you see in yourself. Believe in yourself! Learn to praise yourself for certain achievements.

3. Improve yourself. Work on your weaknesses, improve your professional skills. In other words, grow as personality.

4. Set goals and achieve them. Achieving your goals is the best way to believe in yourself. In order to develop self-confidence, start with easily attainable goals, then moving to the more difficult to achieve.

5. Create in your mind the image of a confident person and scroll it in your mind at least 2 times a day. Then try to get closer to your ideal. (Remember, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, IT WORKS!)

6. From now on, do the things that you really want. Sometimes because of the lack of confidence you give up the things you like and do somethings you must do but hate (it’s very often your job, business, study, etc.).

Briefly speaking, just believe in yourself and don’t listen to others. People don’t know your ambitions, your potential and your real desire. If you believe that you can you’ll definitely do it! It’s all up to you.

The same was with me… my relatives didn’t believe in me, but I believed and I did it… and I still believe!

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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