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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

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The success of a healthy weight loss depends on the type of diet? Not quite! In many cases the result depends on the motivation. So, when going on a diet you should first prepare your mind for these ‘body tortures’.

What interferes with your diet?

Perhaps you want to be slim, but you have too weak will power to go on a diet or to stick to one diet for a long time, i.e. you don’t have a strong motivation. And the reasons are inside you. The awareness of these reasons and overcoming them is the second step of the work with motivation.

The causes of weight gain

As anything else in our body, food has a certain function. If you believe that the main purpose of food is to reduce hunger, then you are grossly mistaken. Weight problems arise when a person begins to improve their mental state with the help of eating. So the first step of the work with motivation is to determine the causes of weight gain:

  • Stress. When eating certain areas of your brain are activated that’s why you begin to feel relaxed and calm.
  • Desire to be attractive. To be interesting to another person, you can start to copy his eating habits. For example, your new partner likes to drink a cup of coffee with cream and eat a delicious muffin before going to bed and such late dinner is an occasion for you to please your partner and stay a few minutes more together.
  • Dislike. You don’t like your body and perceive it as something hostile to your personality. And as the biggest enemy it doesn’t deserve care, so you can stuff it with different unhealthy and genetically modified food.

This terrible word “diet”

What is a weight loss for you? The constant overcoming of yourself? The rejection of the favorite food? Deciding to go on a diet, you are in fact between two fires: the rational desire to lose weight and emotional – not to do this. What should you do? Don’t exaggerate the situation: individually made up diet implies the exclusion of only a few products.

Diets don’t work?

When going to lose weight, you have some ideas what results should be obtained. If you can’t lose a pound in a week you lose the belief in this or that diet. Diets influence different people in different ways: if a significant decrease of weight is promised in a week, don’t think that exactly a week later you will lose your weight.

What helps?

You need to have some actual motivation in order to go on a diet and lose weight. And this motivation must depend on your lifestyle and emotional state. So, what can help:

  • Pride. It’s so nice when colleagues see you after vacations and exclaim: “You look so great!” Then you feel proud and want to hear that again and again.
  • Fear. Fear of becoming fatter than you are. Fear of health problems, problems at work and in personal life. Fear of becoming unattractive and unnecessary.
  • Envy. You want you friends and especially enemies to envy you, your appearance and this becomes a good motivation for you.
  • Love. Once you meet an interesting person, you have a desire to draw their attention, wear something unusual, but the extra weight is not desirable.

Why to lose weight?

Emotions as the primary motivation for weight loss are very effective because they create a strong desire to lose weight in the shortest possible time. But strong emotions tend to pass quickly. So, watch your emotions when going on a diet.

Reflection in the mirror

To wake up every day and see your beautiful body – is this not a reason to change your eating habits?

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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