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How to get Positive Thinking with Positive Action

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Positive Thinking with Positive Action

Human mind is a repository of thoughts. These thoughts have the power to take us to unimaginable heights in life, if cultivated with a visionary approach. Developing a positive approach towards life is a natural consequence of all the positive actions we take towards achieving this mean.

How to get positive thinking with positive action

Positive actions help you gain confidence

Any positive action that one takes towards accomplishing any task in life leads to positive thinking. Suppose a person has been assigned the task of designing a computer software that has met repeated failure despite the best efforts being put in.

A person can visualize this situation in two ways. One, the person can let the feeling of boredom and depression set in, thinking about the difficulties and obstacles faced by other people who were assigned the task. This will naturally lead to another failure with negative consequences for the company.

However, a person with a positive frame of mind visualizes the situation in an entirely different context. A person who loves to take the challenges head on will work out the reasons behind the failure. The person will work on the loopholes and come out with a strategy of dealing with the problem. This might involve taking help from others, scanning through literature and sitting late hours in the office trying out innovative solutions.

Positive actions taken

To understand the topic in a better context, let us analyze the positive action initiated by the person who is dealing with the problem. The person did not get depressed by the failures, the other team members faced while dealing with the challenge. This shows the mental toughness of the person. Being mentally tough and prepared to take on any challenging situation head on is the first step towards positive action. Next, the person showed maturity as he or she took help from other colleagues who had knowledge on this topic. This too shows that the person is sensitive towards others and cares for them. This is a key point as a person who shows emotional maturity tends to succeed hands down, when it comes to solving tough issues.

Preparing to learn and improve skills is another key factor that leads to positive action. The person in question here, did the work with true intent scanning through the literature available for solving the problem. These all actions taken when put together leads to the task being accomplished successfully.

Positive action leads to positive thinking

The end result of all this exercise leads to successful accomplishment of the task. As the person is able to accomplish the task successfully and solve the problem, this will help in strengthening the thought process of the person.

The person will be able to think with vision and contribute in a better way for successful accomplishment of any task, be it in the professional life or personal life. This itself leads to development of positive thinking.

Prior planning, thorough knowledge of the subject matter and an honest effort are the pre requisites for successful accomplishment of the task. If one makes efforts to work on these aspects in true earnest, this will lead to positive thinking.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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