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How to Identify the Strength of Optimism

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How to Identify the Strength of Optimism

Happiness – when one comes across this word, the first image that pops up in mind is that of a very cheerful person who is always merry and has got no problems in life. We complain that fate is so partial in matters of whom she bequeaths her good luck upon and that we are never the chosen ones. This is as good as complaining that the glass is not full when the glass is half full. The truth is, what matters is not how lucky we are, or how much are we bestowed with, but how we look at things. If we can take everything in our stride, then there is absolutely nothing that can take away our happiness.

Identify the strength of optimism

What optimism is all about?

This characteristic of looking at the bright side of life is termed as being optimistic. It is not something that can be bought or given, but it has to be inculcated by the individual himself. When one can believe that whatever happens is for his or her good, no force can dampen his spirits. This is because he sees every occasion with the feeling that there is undoubtedly something good about it. Every cloud has a silver lining, so the presence of a cloud in one’s life is not a reason to be miserable; in fact, it is a cause for rejoicing.

Optimism is the main ingredient of success

The dictionary describes optimism as the feeling that all is going to turn out well. Indeed it is all about the mentality of an individual. When one assumes failure, nothing can make him succeed. He may have all the resources and abilities to win, but what keeps that achievement from him is his self-doubt, the doubt he has about himself. On the other hand, a person who keeps assuring himself that he will do well will undoubtedly succeed in life because he did not let the winds of doubt bow him down.

A measure of how strong optimism is

Optimism is one of the most important strengths one can have. It is the resilience factor that keeps giving us hope and encouragement when all seems gone. To identify how strong optimism can be, ask any successful man about the qualities he believes are required to reach his level and optimism will undoubtedly find an important place in his list. Ask any elderly person why he was not able to achieve success and he would answer that he did not have faith in his abilities, he was depressed when he came face to face with his first failure and was so daunted that he never dared to try again.

Had this man seen those failures as the stepping stone to his success, being optimistic that this failure had been just to teach him an important lesson, he could have been in a position quite different from his present one.

Thus we see that optimism is required in every phase of life by every individual who wants to make a mark for himself in this world. Face every instance with the faith that it is meant for your best and be amazed by how all your miseries ebb away.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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