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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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The statistics confirms that the most common diagnosis in the world is cardiovascular diseases. And if 100 years ago such diseases were very rare, now the problems with heart and blood vessels are known to a huge number of people in the world.

What should you know to maintain a healthy heart?

Summer aggravation
Cardiovascular diseases are very often aggravated during the warm period of the year. Besides thunderstorms, wind, pressure drops, heat and other weather changes also contribute to this aggravation. Natural disasters are very dangerous for those who have problems with heart and blood vessels.

If you belong to the group of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases you should know a few simple rules that will help you to protect your heart, to save your health and to feel good.

Eating rules
After a certain age there may be a rise of cholesterol that may have a negative impact on your blood vessels. In summer, it makes sense to follow a diet that reduce cholesterol level. There are all possibilities for it, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, there are plenty of them around you. Vegetable diet is good for your blood vessels and for your heart.

Vegetables and fruits are good to satisfy hunger, but if you want something more, then you can eat boiled meat or fish. Forget about such products as sausages, they do not contain anything useful and can even cause damage to your heart.

Motion rules
Your heart as well as the whole cardiovascular system needs a lot of motion. The best way to do it is walking outdoors. During this process your heart is active and receives plenty of oxygen which is very useful.

Weight rules
An excess weight negatively influences your heart and increases blood pressure. To keep your heart healthy you should pay attention to your weight, but don’t try to lose it too quickly do it slowly as too rapid change may also have a negative influence on your heart.

Bad habits
Such bad habits as smoking or alcohol are extremely dangerous for your heart. And if you want to keep it healthy than you should give up these habits as soon as possible. But remember here also that a glass of red wine is even useful for your blood and heart.

Resting rules
Stress and depression have a terrible impact on your heart so use your every chance to go on vacations and to have a good rest.

A lot of motion, quiting smoking and plenty of vitamins – all this is a good formula of a healthy heart.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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