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Learn How to Relax Properly

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How to Relax Properly

Nowadays our rhythm of life causes a huge physical and psychological stress. We’ve got many habits that are not inherent to human nature and we have forgotten what we really need.

Relaxation is a necessary element of human life, but we have forgotten how to relax properly and pay no attention to this. It’s enough to observe the nature to make sure that the relaxation is present in everything that lives and breathes.

Regular relaxation will allow you to recharge and store your energy, and it is necessary for an active lifestyle. For most of us, life is based on energy consumption and we often don’t care about it.

Look at yourself and you will notice how many useless movements you are doing causing the nervous system overload. Physical and mental stress, burst of emotions deplete the body and one night’s rest is not enough for it. Physical tiredness you feel at once, but you don’t pay attention to your mental fatigue. If you can not concentrate on what you are doing, it means your brain is tired and the only thing can help is relaxation.

Note also that women who are constantly in tension and never relax, usually lose their beauty.

Sleep can’t completely restore your body energy. In addition, sleep is often restless because of unpleasant dreams. Therefore, even after a long sleep people sometimes can’t feel relaxed. The best way to maintain a good condition is a combination of sleep and relaxation.

If you experience drowsiness and fatigue – this is the first sign that you need a rest. And the best rest at any time of a day is a total relaxation. It’s enough 15 minutes to feel good again.

There are two main types of relaxation – physical and mental. In addition, the relaxation is complete and partial.

If you’ve learned to relax completely you can easily fall asleep anywhere and at any time. This means that you’ve mastered the universal way to relax and recuperate quickly. A few minutes of relaxation will help you to become cheerful and full of energy again.

Set up a rule for yourself: completely relax for 15-30 minutes twice a day. When regularly performing this rule you will soon notice a positive change.

How to relax properly

  • Sit or lie down conveniently and listen to some nice relaxing music.
  • If you are lying slightly lift your legs, putting them on a pillow. You can also put a pillow under your head. Keep your knees and feet together. Place a pillow under your lower back.
  • Close your eyes. Relax all the muscles and imagine that they flowed like a drop of water on the surface. Stop the flow of thoughts without any tension and create a void in your mind…
Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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