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Planning a Happy Retirement

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plan a happy retirement

Happy retirement is the result of your constant efforts. Aging is inevitable and it should be taken for granted. But it would be desirable, of course, to prepare yourself for this period of life. Certainly, the first thing you want is a happy oldness.

There are plenty of books and articles written on this subject. Everyone of you takes the necessary information from them and then thinking and doing some conclusions for yourself.

And all these sources include 3 main points of a happy retirement:

  1. A strong physical health.
  2. A strong material base of the financial well-being.
  3. An optimistic attitude to everything that is around and to yourself.

A happy retirement is given to those people who are prepared to it. Let’s focus on the first 2 points written above. In your old age physical health can’t be revived, but when taking care for yourself, you can keep in good shape, doing gymnastics, swimming, hiking or practicing yoga.

A happy old age is given to smart people. Concerning the financial part of it we can stop a bit here and analyze it in detail.

The first thing you need is to start thinking of your retirement from a young age.

Of course there are such future retirees who are content to small – for example they are already happy looking at the surrounding views of nature. It’s good but we aren’t talking about them here. Everyone chooses his own future that he deserves. So in order to have a happy retirement you should:

  • Find a good job which will provide your future retirement, much higher than the national average.
  • Invest in real estate. If you don’t have enough money you can borrow from relatives or friends. This investment is very profitable and brings a good income from renting.
  • Collect maximum information concerning the retirement. Be aware of all the latest innovations, analyze it and apply in practice.
  • You can make special investments which make it possible to accomplish large-scale purchases in future, e.g. buying a small house on the beach and having the opportunity to spend your oldness at the seaside.
  • Do some additional work, which in future can generate additional income.
  • Always be aware of the consequences of your endeavors, there are things more important than extra money earned.
  • Do not forget about your loved ones, who always need you. In pursuit of a decent old age, you can miss the most beautiful moments of your life.
Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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