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Role Models – 5 Benefits from Having One

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Benefits from Having Role Models

Having role models is one of the crucial aspects of self-improvement for sure. Having someone as an example to point out things for you in a way of setting the bar higher or just arriving to the destination you are headed to, can serve as the best stimulant for success, no matter which aspect of life we are talking about.

But how having a role model can impact your improvement, and what are the things that usually occur when you go and look for one of them?

5 benefits from having role models

1. Following someone’s advice and trying to copy his or her approach towards certain things in life, will actually give you a better perspective on how you are coping with problems and how are you trying to push success higher in general. Witnessing the results and analyzing the change in your role model’s understandings, will in turn make you very much aware of your own change and effectiveness of your efforts.

2. If by any chance you encounter the same problem that you have now in the past experience of your role model, then chances are that you will have a brand new and original approach to that same problem to learn. Most of them role models out there talk about problems in the sense of giving a solution; solution that worked for them; solution that is most likely to work for you. This is gold.

But even so, there is something more added here as a bonus. Not only you will get a brand new advice on how to overcome your obstacle, but you will also have an insight and see how it was like in the shoes of your role model back then. You will see what was happening in his mind at the time of the problem taking place, all through coming up with the solution, implementing it and witnessing the results. That alone may contribute your improvement process as well, since you may recognize some of your emotions as fears, doubts and hesitations. It will serve as a complete guide for you.

3. Another thing that makes a lot of sense is motivation. And here you will have plenty. Just by going through the things your role model said or wrote, or most likely did, you will feel motivated to make the same progress, witness the same success. Motivation here comes also in the way of having faith that you can succeed by being a witness to similar success story and ultimately having confidence that you’ve taken some of your role model’s qualities, and adopted them as your own.

4. Since you look for a role model who you personally admire, having one can help you in the way that you will try to copy many of his routines and habits. And we all know very good that those habits and routines are what drove them there at the first place.

Simple logic dictates that having the habits of a great athlete can make you more likely to achieve success in that particular area, build your determination, shape your mindset in a similar way. So knowing this you should feel encouraged to learn more about people that inspire you, someone whose success you’d like to replicate.

5. Another good thing you can pull out of this one is having someone that will act as a personal coach. Yes, that will be your role model. Just going through all that he does, talks or talked about will in fact give you a tutorship in a way, and that’s a free one too.

Distance yourself from people that are not on the same frequency as you. People whose qualities you don’t admire or people that don’t live up to your standards and believes when it comes to defining greatness. And do that on the expense of surrounding yourself with the ones who you think are or were on the right track.

Be in touch with people that move you, challenge you, inspire you to be more, to become more. Whether this is in the form of making friends with some, or simply following others through their written word, things they left for some to pick up and thoughts they left for others in order to make them realize or learn.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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