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The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

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physical activity help your body

I think it’s not a secret that a regular physical activity positively influence your health. Regular physical exercises reduce the excess weight, relieve stress, stimulate your immune system, reduce the risk of some diseases and keep your body fit.

This can be: running, walking, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, etc.

How does physical activity help your body?

Physical exercises improve cardiovascular system.
Regular physical activity helps to strengthen your heart. Arteries supplying the heart muscle with blood, increase in diameter, thus preventing the risk of heart attack.

Physical activity improves your psychological condition.
When doing physical exercises your body produce endorphins which relieve stress, pain and at the same time positively influence your creative abilities.

Weight loss.
During the physical activity you burn calories and thus lose the excess weight and improve your health.

Physical activity strengthen the immune system.
Physical exercises improve your immunity. With regular exercises the number of ‘killer-cells’ of immune system are increased by 50-300%.

It reduces the risk of some diseases.
Physical activity is also an excellent means of preventing heart diseases, some type of diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer.

Improve the endurance of your body.
Remember that physical exercises increase your energy level for a long time, help to fight fatigue and improve your health.

Regular physical activity prolongs your life.
Swedish doctors have been examining more than 3000 of elderly people for 12 years in order to determine the effect of physical activity on longevity. They made the conclusion: regular weekly exercises, such as walking or cycling reduce the risk of death over the years by 40%.

As for me, I decided to lead an active lifestyle since my serious disease in 2008. This could be too late, but fortunately it wasn’t. Now I must admit I feel healthy and stronger in comparison with those depressions and fatigue at that time.

You should remember that everything is up to you. And my advice is to start it right now.

Remember your childhood filled with great energy and desire to spend plenty of time playing outdoors. And it will make it easier for you to include some physical exercises in your daily schedule.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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