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The Benefits of School Trips

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Benefits of School Trips

School trips are an excellent way of encouraging learning and bringing a topic to life for the pupils. Many children will find the prospect of getting out of the classroom fun and exciting and it is well known that children learn best when they are having fun.

Some subjects can become boring for pupils, making it harder for them to absorb new information and engage with the subject. A visit to a museum, for example, can make the past come alive when they can see it for themselves.

How school trips benefit pupils

Practical activities and experiences can help all children to consolidate their learning, but it can particularly help those who struggle in a classroom environment. Some children learn in different ways from others, they may find it difficult to read text books or have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time, for example. These are the children who will benefit the most from educational school trips and activities. Getting a new perspective on a subject can create new motivation to explore and learn more when they return to school.

For many children, going on a school trip will be their first taste of freedom away from home and school. This new freedom can create a new sense of self-confidence, giving a shy child the chance to come out of his shell or a naughty child a chance to present himself in a better light. It is also an opportunity for the child to take charge of his own learning and to develop a sense of responsibility for his own education.

Having fun on a school trip will create great memories for the pupils of a day out and the subject being explored. Their recall of the subject will be better having had hands-on experience while enjoying their day out.

How school trips benefit teachers

As well as providing a new learning environment for their pupils, a change of scenery can also benefit teachers. By teaching in a different environment they can explore new ways of describing a subject.

A school trip provides an opportunity to engage with the children in a way that is not always possible with traditional classroom-based learning. Through practical and play-based learning with their pupils, teachers may find a way to reach and motivate a child who does not usually engage easily in the classroom. These ideas can be taken back to school and put into practice to assist with the child’s learning. It is also a chance to get to know each child better, to see how they act in a different environment and interact with other people, including teachers and other children in their class.

School trips are a great way to introduce children to learning resources that they may not have at home. Being introduced to new environments will give them a sense of how the world works outside of school and home. A practical learning experience gives children the chance to discuss and explore a topic in a way that is not possible in the classroom.

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