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The Freedom of Loneliness

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The Freedom of Loneliness

Humans are a social creature. As such, we often feel a positive sensation when around others. It is a natural reaction that is especially strong in females, who are the more social of the sexes. In addition, with modern social media being possible from a plethora of devices, it is almost the case that one never has to be alone. From this capability, there is a growing phobia of being alone in modern men and women. It is almost as if people have become addicted to interacting with one another, to the point of being incapable of enjoying time without social validation.

The Benefits

Individuals should be capable of spending time alone in order to “wind down” and “meditate” on their day, week, or life in general. Taking this time alone does not mean having to “hide from society”. Taking time to be alone does not mean shutting one’s self off from the world forever. Instead, it simply means taking some time to validate one’s self. Taking time to one’s self and self-reflection is cathartic and has great mental and physical health benefits. One might notice after a long day of interacting with others a lack of energy once one is alone. That is because social interaction does cause one to run on all cylinders. The constant listening, talking, conversing, debating can take their toll on the body and mind. By taking the time (or forcing yourself) to be alone, you allow your body and mind to rest. This does not mean sleep exclusively. Drawing a bath, sitting quietly in a candle-lit room, or just taking a quiet walk in solitude helps the mind rest and the psyche revamp.

Focus On You for You

Beyond simply calming down and reenergizing, there is another fantastic benefit to having time to one’s self. When you are alone, you can begin to focus on yourself and what it is you want. When you are with others, you must constantly compromise and bargain actions. Being alone means being in charge. You can decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, and there need not be a reason for why. This is not only enjoyable, but it is also relieving for most. One must learn how to validate his/her own actions. One does not consistently need someone else to validate reasoning. If you want to eat a pint of ice cream, then you can do so. If you want to add enjoyment by eating the ice-cream and listening to your favorite music, then more power to you. Alone time means the allowance to be one’s self for the sake of being one’s self. We often do not notice, but our personalities are a bit stifled by those we interact with. True freedom of action is found in being alone, and it can be a true relief.

Accepting Alone Time

For some it can be very difficult to enjoy, or even allow, time alone. If one is an extrovert, it can be a tall order not to be around others constantly. An extrovert feeds of the energy of others, and so when alone feels like there is no energy supply. However, even an extrovert needs time to one’s self. Finding a personal hobby that keeps the mind interested, but does not require others is a great way to find time alone. The practical mind is given a task, while the psyche is still given an opportunity to unwind and detach from seemingly necessary interaction.

An extrovert can also feel as if their actions are not validated, and this can cause an uncomfortable feeling. By having small tasks or hobbies, one also validates one’s own experience. This is often the source of one being uncomfortable when alone. One feels that he/she has nothing to “bounce off of” and thus one unsure of what to do.

Having small tasks or goals that can be completed gives a proof-positive outcome that validates the individual. One who is attempting to accept time alone should always remember that being alone is healthy from time-to-time. One does not need consistent interaction, and in fact can benefit from time alone. Social interaction is always available, but it would be a shame to miss opportunities of self-discovery, meditation, and contemplation. With all the capabilities of social media and transportation, the isolation is surely only temporary. So, one should look at these moments alone as a vacation rather than a punishment.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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