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Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

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Do You Need a Career Coach

Do you see yourself in your job for the next five years? Does your job give you a feeling of contentment and happiness? Do you enjoy what you are doing at work? If you have answered no to any of these questions, then you must feel tired and dissatisfied. If you want to change and you miss the feeling of loving what you do then it’s time to consider hiring a career coach.

A number of people have become unhappy with their jobs but stick to it because either they feel they do not know what else to do or they have been so accustomed to their job that they are afraid of change.

Career Coach. When do you know it’s the time to hire one?

Having a career coach can be the start of your journey towards your goals. This can be the beginning of your new career. At the start, your coach will identify your strengths and weaknesses. Assessments like the DISC and Values profiles will also be administered to provide you insight about yourself. The past jobs and positions you have held will also be identified and will be a factor in your decision making. What you enjoyed or disliked about past positions will be considered and will help you in your search for a career that will be perfect for you. Besides your past positions, your skills will also be reviewed. Your knowledge, abilities, and skills will be a part of the answer to your career questions.

Having someone guide you, listen to you, and assess your qualifications and capabilities will surely help you in your quest for the right career path. A career coach will be able to be effective in his job if you are willing, to be honest, and open with the questions he may have for you. You must be willing to take part in the assessments that they will give you and most of all you must be active in your participation in finding the right career for you.

Your coach will also help you identify your passions. These are the things that drive you and make you want to do well in life. A coach will also help you strategize and plan how you can live your passion. Your road to your new career may not be an easy path but it will surely be a learning experience. You must be dedicated and committed to finding your true calling and be an active participant in pursuing it. If during your journey, you lose your way, your career coach will help you get on track to move towards the career that you love.

Pak DW If you'd like to become a guest author for Optimistic Lifestyle check out our Contribute page

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